About Sugar Industry

                Yes, happy years are here again …
No, this is not just our optimism; all concerned are convinced about it.
Well it’s the simple law of Economics. Due to draught conditions in most of the Southern states for past three years- the sugar production has been at a low level. Obvious result being decrease in supply and increase in sugar prices. During the same period, thanks to good rains in Northern India- the sugar production is on the increase, continuously. The industry is all set for a major breakthrough.
          Considering the overall national scenario – due to 2017 draught in south, the 2017-18 season will still witness the higher level of sugar prices. Simply put, whatever the situational complexity, the ‘boom’ is just around the corner.. that to longer lasting boom !
          Hence not just happy days, but happy years are here again ! What is more, due to good rains last year- this season Maharashtra’s sugar production is estimated to be around 72 to 75 lac tonnes. A clear indication that the sugar factories in Maharashtra are in a position to ripe all the advantages of the present boom.
          Last but not the least, Modi Govt. appears to be pro-industry. In spite of the increased domestic prices, the Government has restrained from importing sugar, ensuring in a way that the ‘boom’ will continue. Hence, for all the enterprises  connected to the Sugar Industry – producers, contractors, suppliers of goods & services – there are clear opportunities for growth in the next 2 to 4 years.
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          Any longer lasting boom is a rare opportunity…
          Make the maximum out of it.